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Top new questions this week:

Using Prometheus to monitor Spring Boot Applications in Kubernetes Cluster

I have spring boot powered microservices deployed in my local kubernetes cluster. The microservices are using micrometer and prometheus registry but due to our company policy the actuator is available ...

kubernetes prometheus java spring-boot  
asked by Mark Bramnik 3 votes
answered by John Humphreys - w00te 1 vote

localhost Pod to Pod communication k8s

I am trying to transfer an old legacy system to k8s. I have a custom server that client apps connect to in order to communicate with one another. Both the server and clients were originally created ...

docker kubernetes networking  
asked by Tim 2 votes
answered by John Humphreys - w00te 1 vote

Ansible ad-hoc command to reboot servers in serial with a pause

How do I go through all hosts in an Ansible inventory in serial with an Ansible ad-hoc and reboot servers with a specified number of seconds in between each reboot? I am looking for something similar ...

asked by David West 2 votes
answered by Zeitounator 2 votes

How to filter vmware_vm_facts

I'm trying to pull out the "uuid" from facts returned by ansible's vmware_vm_facts module. There is a solution to a similar question posted on Reddit, but when I try that, it fails with ...

ansible vmware  
asked by richf 1 vote
answered by richf 1 vote

How do i connect docker pipeline on jenkins to kubernetes cluster

I am trying to setup a pipeline on jenkins that uses docker containers to execute tasks like for example deploy an helm charts using a docker image with helm here is what my Jenkinsfile looks like ...

docker jenkins kubernetes cicd  
asked by uberrebu 1 vote

Is it possible to give only view permission for Jenkins monitoring-plugin

We have the monitoring-plugin installed: is there a way to give only view permissions once it is installed?

asked by arielma 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Docker In Kubernetes Deployment

I am using a third party library that creates sibling docker containers via: docker run -d /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock ... I am trying to create a Kubernetes deployment out of the ...

kubernetes docker-in-docker  
asked by rys 13 votes
answered by Tensibai 19 votes

Where to put ansible-vault password

We are planning to use ansible vault in our project to prevent leaking passwords or keys in git. The idea is to put all our sensitive data into a plain file then encrypt this file with ansible-vault ...

ansible git security practices ansible-vault  
asked by storm 28 votes
answered by Vincenzo Pii 13 votes

How to change the owner of VOLUME directory in Dockerfile?

I've got the following Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:xenial RUN useradd -d /home/ubuntu -ms /bin/bash -g root -G sudo -p ubuntu ubuntu WORKDIR /home/ubuntu USER ubuntu VOLUME /opt/myvolume Which I built ...

docker dockerfile permissions  
asked by kenorb 9 votes
answered by Tensibai 8 votes

How to run Ansible with sudo no password commands with become syntax

When I run ansible against a host machine that has some commands I need to run as root, I can't run these with "become" because it runs the commands as root instead of just running them with sudo. ...

ansible passwords  
asked by Peter Turner 8 votes
answered by Boycott SE for Monica Cellio 6 votes

Why use EXPOSE in Dockerfile -- since you can bind to all ports anyways

I can docker run -p 3000:3000 image without EXPOSEing that port in the container (see below). If that's true, then why bother putting EXPOSE in the Dockerfile? Is it just for communication to image ...

docker dockerfile ports  
asked by Alexander Bird 23 votes
answered by Tensibai 29 votes

post jenkins build console output to slack

I know how to notify build status using the slack notification plugin. I can seeproject - #buildnumber Success after 1 min 18 sec (Open) in my slack channel. But I want the console output to be sent ...

jenkins jenkins-plugins slack  
asked by tikael 3 votes
answered by tikael 4 votes

Connect Docker container to both host and internal bridge network

I am trying to run a Docker container as a router between a private (--internal) Docker network and the predefined host network. This means the container needs to have two network interfaces: One ...

docker docker-compose  
asked by Hexaholic 13 votes
answered by 030 2 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Ansible: Backing up variable value doesn't work as expected

Attempting to save a variable's value for backup before modifying it doesn't work. I have the following inventory file (note the custom ansible_port and user): all: hosts: test: ...

ansible ansible-inventory  
asked by PaperTsar 1 vote
answered by Zeitounator 0 votes

I'm trying to run `vagrant provision` on PowerShell Window for Ansible playbook

Here is what it replies: Windows is not officially supported for the Ansible Control Machine. Please check What should I ...

ansible windows provisioning powershell  
asked by Thi Nguyen Hoang 2 votes
answered by Zeitounator 0 votes
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