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How should I organize a large number of unrelated Infrastructure as Code projects?

I work at a municipal government with many departments. Teams from these departments request new servers for specific uses/applications. Our environment is currently using VMware VSphere (~1500 VMs, 2 ...

terraform infrastructure-as-code  
user avatar asked by K. McGregor Score of 1
user avatar answered by GergÅ‘ Vámosi Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

docker-compose invalid type, it should be a string

I have the following environment variable configured in a docker-compose.yml file: version: '3' services: server: ports: - 13045:3000 environment: - NODE_CONFIG: '{"DATABASE_URL":"...

docker docker-compose  
user avatar asked by Tri Nguyen Score of 34
user avatar answered by Hexaholic Score of 15

How to tag source code using gitlabCI

We got gitlab new to our environment and trying to create some CI CD pipelines using gitlab CI. I have got some better progress with running some maven goals, creating pipelines and archiving ...

continuous-integration gitlab gitlab-ci-runner  
user avatar asked by pandey Score of 30
user avatar answered by pandey Score of 12

How to change the owner of VOLUME directory in Dockerfile?

I've got the following Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:xenial RUN useradd -d /home/ubuntu -ms /bin/bash -g root -G sudo -p ubuntu ubuntu WORKDIR /home/ubuntu USER ubuntu VOLUME /opt/myvolume Which I built ...

docker dockerfile permissions  
user avatar asked by kenorb Score of 24
user avatar answered by Tensibai Score of 23

Where to put ansible-vault password

We are planning to use ansible vault in our project to prevent leaking passwords or keys in git. The idea is to put all our sensitive data into a plain file then encrypt this file with ansible-vault ...

ansible git security practices ansible-vault  
user avatar asked by storm Score of 32
user avatar answered by Vincenzo Pii Score of 15

Is there a way to run with_items loops in parallel in Ansible?

I'm running Ansible 2.2, but can upgrade if it helps. I saw this and was pretty excited, but it doesn't seem to be in this (or any) version of Ansible documentation. The problem I'm trying to solve ...

user avatar asked by Peter Turner Score of 26
user avatar answered by MMT Score of 23

Difference between chroot and Docker

I don't understand the difference between docker and chroot. Yes its nice in terms of the packaging the registry. But somehow I get the feeling its just chroot with extra bells and whistles. I know I'...

docker linux containers  
user avatar asked by Vipin Menon Score of 24
user avatar answered by Tensibai Score of 12

Best Practices for a multi environment deployment using Jenkins

I have 3 environments, each on their own Virtual Network with their own configurations. Do I need to have 3 separate instances of Jenkins if I am to do Continuous Deployments on each of the ...

user avatar asked by Syed Shamikh Shabbir Score of 15
user avatar answered by avi.elkharrat Score of 7

Can you answer this question?

Linux Cloud/Windows On Prem Deployments

I have sort of a unique problem where I have a cloud deployment (linux) that needs to be ported to an on-premise deployment (windows). The constraint is that this is medical software and hospitals ...

docker deployment linux windows  
user avatar asked by Gillespie Score of 1
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