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Top new questions this week:

Get all Deployments referencing given ConfigMap by the ConfigMap's name

Suppose I have a ConfigMap: apiVersion: v1 kind: ConfigMap metadata: name: london-tz-config data: SERVER_TIMEZONE: "Europe/London" I also have about 50 distinct Deployments. Let's say ...

asked by kalatabe 1 vote
answered by Eduardo Baitello 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is self hosted version control system?

What is self hosted version control system and how is it different from github? I mean if I use self-hosted VCS then where does my code go? I mean: does it get uploaded to the server, or it is saved ...

github distributed-systems  
asked by user8466294 10 votes
answered by Bruce Becker 22 votes

Ansible: Other option available for telnet check of open ports?

I'm new to Ansible. Here's my task ... I have 400+ hosts, and I need to verify if 5 different ports are open from their end to our web server. Individually, I could log in and run: telnet ...

ansible testing ports  
asked by AWhitaker 16 votes
answered by RichVel 29 votes

Best Practices for a multi environment deployment using Jenkins

I have 3 environments, each on their own Virtual Network with their own configurations. Do I need to have 3 separate instances of Jenkins if I am to do Continuous Deployments on each of the ...

asked by Syed Shamikh Shabbir 12 votes
answered by avi.elkharrat 5 votes

Terraform: Is there a concise syntax for specifying multiple tags for a resource?

To attach multiple tags to a resource, I currently use multiple tag blocks: resource "aws_autoscaling_group" "instance" { ... tag { key = "Name" value = "${...

asked by Philipp Claßen 11 votes
answered by Briansbum 7 votes

How Do I Log Task Output To A File?

One of my ansible tasks imports an Oracle database using impdp. This generates a lot of output to the console so I have set no_log: True. However, when this fails I want to see the log! How can I ...

ansible logging  
asked by opticyclic 10 votes
answered by Dawny33 4 votes

Terraform: apply only one tf file

I have my security groups in a file. In the same dir there are plenty of other resource descriptions (rds, ec2 etc). Is there a way to perform a terraform apply --auto-approve only ...

asked by pkaramol 33 votes
answered by Tim Malone 29 votes

Passing variables between scripts in a Jenkins pipeline

I have a declarative Jenkins pipeline that looks like the following: pipeline{ agent { ... } stages { stage("Provision EC2 Instance and Set ENV Variable"){ ...

jenkins ansible jenkins-pipeline python  
asked by PrestonM 3 votes
answered by jayhendren 4 votes

Can you answer this question?

Can Zabbix generate JVM thread dumps via JMX for monitored Java process

I would like to know if a) Zabbix can be configured to trigger JVM thread dump for a Java process it is monitoring via JMX? b) If it cannot, then can Zabbix trigger JMX operations? (that would allow ...

asked by Omair 1 vote
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