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Docker compose volume syntax valid for Windows and Linux

We have developers working on an app using both Windows and Linux. The application is built within a Docker container, and ships a docker-compose specification for the build environment. The local ...

docker-compose linux windows environment-variables volume  
asked by Bruce Becker Score of 9
answered by Wesley Rolnick Score of 8

How to use terraform import with module

Terraform v0.11.11 We have a quite big AWS setup created with Terraform. Different regions are applied separately, and that is why we have most of the things in modules which are imported like this: ...

asked by Bysmyyr Score of 18
answered by Martin Atkins Score of 30

Rename build pipeline .yml files in Azure DevOps

I have a .NET Core application that has three build pipelines. (Windows, Linux, macOS) In each of them, the application gets assembled a little different. This part works so far. Azure created for ...

azure-devops azure-pipelines yaml  
asked by Ned Flanders Score of 8
answered by 030 Score of 5

What is a Platform Engineer?

I've been called many things over my career, most of them polite - more recently the work to build CI/CD pipelines has been termed "Platform Engineer" or "Platform Engineering". The risk of such a ...

asked by Richard Slater Score of 19
answered by hvindin Score of 16

Is there a way to run with_items loops in parallel in Ansible?

I'm running Ansible 2.2, but can upgrade if it helps. I saw this and was pretty excited, but it doesn't seem to be in this (or any) version of Ansible documentation. The problem I'm trying to solve ...

asked by Peter Turner Score of 24
answered by MMT Score of 22

How to change the owner of VOLUME directory in Dockerfile?

I've got the following Dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:xenial RUN useradd -d /home/ubuntu -ms /bin/bash -g root -G sudo -p ubuntu ubuntu WORKDIR /home/ubuntu USER ubuntu VOLUME /opt/myvolume Which I built ...

docker dockerfile permissions  
asked by kenorb Score of 24
answered by Tensibai Score of 23

Unable to parse YAML: mapping values are not allowed here

Good morning. I'm migrating from Gitlab to CircleCI and try to map out a simple pipeline ("workflow") that basically should look like this: [build] -> [tests] -> [release*] * only on tags I ...

continuous-integration configuration yaml circleci-2.0  
asked by q9f Score of 2
answered by Argyle Score of 4
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