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Top new questions this week:

How can I use bash functions in makefile?

If I need to use something like NVM in my makefile, I run into a problem, because NVM exports some bash functions that are not available in Make, even if my shell is defined as bash in the makefile. ...

bash make  
asked by Joseph 2 votes
answered by Turnip 2 votes

gitlab CI job fails after manual ftp deploy (lftp) command completes successfully

Scenario I'm using LFTP to deploy files via sftp. The transfer completes successfully and all files get to the destination but for some reason the job fails. Question How can I find out what is ...

continuous-integration gitlab continuous-deployment yaml  
asked by Jacksonkr 1 vote
answered by Estu Fardani 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Ansible: Other option available for telnet check of open ports?

I'm new to Ansible. Here's my task ... I have 400+ hosts, and I need to verify if 5 different ports are open from their end to our web server. Individually, I could log in and run: telnet ...

ansible testing ports  
asked by AWhitaker 15 votes
answered by RichVel 28 votes

Difference between chroot and Docker

I don't understand the difference between docker and chroot. Yes its nice in terms of the packaging the registry. But somehow I get the feeling its just chroot with extra bells and whistles. I know ...

docker linux containers  
asked by Vipin Menon 18 votes
answered by Tensibai 10 votes

How to disable some branches in Multibranch Jenkins Builds?

I have a multibranch job set to run any branch with a Jenkinsfile. I have some options I can think of if I want to remove a branch from the list of jobs running for the multi-branch pipeline. I can ...

asked by David West 10 votes
answered by casey vega 18 votes

What is a Platform Engineer?

I've been called many things over my career, most of them polite - more recently the work to build CI/CD pipelines has been termed "Platform Engineer" or "Platform Engineering". The risk of such a ...

asked by Richard Slater 16 votes
answered by hvindin 15 votes

Triggering specific pipeline builds for monorepos in Jenkins

I'm in the process of converting multiple repositories into a single repository, our CI tool of choice is Jenkins due to the conversion of multiple repository structures into a single one 2 main ...

jenkins jenkins-pipeline jenkinsfile  
asked by YellowPillow 12 votes
answered by jayhendren 3 votes

Jenkins Health Check URL

I'm planning to supervise services by periodically checking if they are up and running, Jenkins is our central orchestration tool and must be running with near zero downtime. How can I check health ...

asked by storm 14 votes
answered by Dan Cornilescu 7 votes

Is there a way to run with_items loops in parallel in Ansible?

I'm running Ansible 2.2, but can upgrade if it helps. I saw this and was pretty excited, but it doesn't seem to be in this (or any) version of Ansible documentation. The problem I'm trying to solve ...

asked by Peter Turner 13 votes
answered by MMT 13 votes

Can you answer this question?

is it possible to see jenkins jdk install progress

I am config jdk 11 in jenknins 2.235.3 running in kubernetes v1.16 cluster, I just want to know if it has a way to see the jdk install progress? so I could know if the config is correct or other ...

asked by Dolphin 1 vote
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