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Is there a way to run with_items loops in parallel in Ansible?

I'm running Ansible 2.2, but can upgrade if it helps. I saw this and was pretty excited, but it doesn't seem to be in this (or any) version of Ansible documentation. The problem I'm trying to solve ...

user avatar asked by Peter Turner Score of 33
user avatar answered by MMT Score of 31

Ansible: Other option available for telnet check of open ports?

I'm new to Ansible. Here's my task ... I have 400+ hosts, and I need to verify if 5 different ports are open from their end to our web server. Individually, I could log in and run: telnet ...

ansible testing ports  
user avatar asked by AWhitaker Score of 23
user avatar answered by RichVel Score of 34

Cleanest way to prematurely exit a Jenkins Pipeline job as a success?

I have a job that will create files, unless one of the values being fed to it matches an older value. What's the cleanest way in Jenkins to abort or exit the job, without it being FAILED? It exiting ...

jenkins jenkins-pipeline groovy  
user avatar asked by Alex Score of 106
user avatar answered by Alex Score of 96

how to check running containers with containerd

I've switched to containerd in a k8s cluster. There's 2 pods running on one node, 2 github runners. I used to check on a host what containers were running with "docker container ls" but how ...

docker kubernetes containerd  
user avatar asked by Serve Laurijssen Score of 5
user avatar answered by fsp Score of 10

Is it possible to have multiple gitlab-ci files in a single repo?

I have a single repo handling integration tests for 4 different software projects. As those projects share common resources, I'd like to create a generic file in which all those common features are ...

continuous-integration gitlab gitlab-ci-runner yaml  
user avatar asked by avazula Score of 21
user avatar answered by Aykut Açikel Score of 14

How to resolve merge conflicts in Azure DevOps current UI

I have followed the instructions on command line: all I want to do is resolve this merge ...

git azure-devops  
user avatar asked by Daniel Score of 25
user avatar answered by Shamrai Aleksander Score of 14

Where to put ansible-vault password

We are planning to use ansible vault in our project to prevent leaking passwords or keys in git. The idea is to put all our sensitive data into a plain file then encrypt this file with ansible-vault ...

ansible git security practices ansible-vault  
user avatar asked by storm Score of 34
user avatar answered by Vincenzo Pii Score of 15
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