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Top new questions this week:

How can I unify my distributed build environments using Jenkins and Docker?

I have recently taken over the CI management for a medium-sized team of developers. Currently, we have one Jenkins server instance as well as six other instances of Jenkins agents to build upon. We ...

docker jenkins  
asked by qgoehrig 3 votes

Porting a docker container to a different Linux host OS

I'm new to Docker. I have looked at many tutorials, however, this is still not clear to me : For example, If I create a docker image on a system which is using Ubuntu as the host OS. Can I then later ...

docker containers linux centos ubuntu  
asked by Engineer999 3 votes
answered by Recoba20 3 votes

Enable SSLv3 in Minikube Nginx Ingress

I have some problems with enabling SSLv3 in my Nginx Ingress used as a Minikube addon. I have read in docs how to do it. It should be as simple as adding single map. Unfortunately I haven't had much ...

kubernetes ingress minikube  
asked by Dcortez 2 votes

Bitbucket Pipeline & Jenkins & Yocto

I want to setup a CD system for a yocto project which is version controlled in a bitbucket repository. I want to write a bitbucket pipeline which triggers a jenkins job on a build server which starts ...

jenkins bitbucket  
asked by Curunir 2 votes
answered by jayhendren 0 votes

How do I install local application dependencies in a Kubernetes manifest?

In a container, there are RUN statements that you can add to a containerfile (such as a dockerfile) to add further dependencies using the package manager like APT or DNF within a container. What is ...

kubernetes jenkins-plugins  
asked by RootHouston 2 votes
answered by Recoba20 1 vote

Can a kubernetes pod be forced to stay alive after its main command fails?

After starting a long running kubernetes job we've found that the final result will fail to upload to its final location. We would like to force the pod to stay open after the main process fails so we ...

asked by David Parks 1 vote
answered by Karthick Prabu 2 votes

Docker convenience script stuck after "Scanning linux images"

I have a Raspberry Pi 2B and a fresh install of Raspbian. I am trying to install Docker, and following the instructions on the site ...

asked by Julien 1 vote
answered by Steven 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the difference between Sysadmin and DevOps Engineer?

When applying for a job, usually you can find two types of similar jobs: Sysadmin Engineer and DevOps Engineer. Both of them deal with server configuration and ensure the reliable operation of ...

asked by kenorb 43 votes
answered by Tensibai 55 votes

What are the advantages of dockerizing nginx and php in different containers?

I just started working with Docker and Kubernetes and I've been watching a lot of stacks, in which some people build nginx+php in a single image and some build an image with nginx and another one with ...

docker dockerfile  
asked by CarlosAS 22 votes
answered by Tensibai 20 votes

Execute multiple Ansible tasks with the same list of items

I am using an ansible playbook to configure Apache for a list of sites. The playbook has to copy the virtual host configuration template for each site into place, and then enable each site using ...

asked by Stephen Ostermiller 13 votes
answered by Stephen Ostermiller 2 votes

How to pull a docker image from a private docker registry using Helm?

When the default values.yaml is inspected it is not clear how to pull a private docker image. # Default values for sonatype-nexus-apt. # This is a YAML-formatted file. # Declare variables to be ...

docker helm  
asked by 030 4 votes
answered by 030 7 votes

Jenkins shows the job as failed if there is nothing to commit to gitlab

I have been using one Jenkins job, that will pull repository from gitlab. Then it will modify the files and push it into gitlab (only if any user added any new files/modify contents in gitlab). ...

jenkins git jenkins-pipeline gitlab jenkins2  
asked by Buvanesh Kumar 2 votes
answered by Jesusaur 4 votes

Docker In Kubernetes Deployment

I am using a third party library that creates sibling docker containers via: docker run -d /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock ... I am trying to create a Kubernetes deployment out of the ...

kubernetes docker-in-docker  
asked by rys 14 votes
answered by Tensibai 20 votes

View all AWS S3 buckets and list each buckets storage used

I have multiple AWS accounts and I need to list all S3 buckets per account and then view each buckets total size. Currently, I can only view the storage size of a single S3 bucket with: aws s3 ls ...

amazon-s3 aws-cli  
asked by Kyle Steenkamp 11 votes
answered by Kyle Steenkamp 11 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Pattern(s) to scale node.js based ETL

I have a node.js ETL application that transforms data from 1..n locations and from each location there will be 0..m transactions. The application is started via cron on a configurable interval, ...

docker kubernetes node.js orchestration scalability  
asked by 300baud 1 vote

Linking nodes in a cluster to run a single instance of a docker container

In this cluster, there are 11 identical nodes, each with 16gb of memory. So far, I've been able to connect each node of the cluster to a docker swarm hosted on the control node. My end goal is to run ...

containers docker-swarm ubuntu  
asked by AJ_4real 1 vote
answered by taleodor 0 votes

Why I cannot access k3s service from pod in rasbian?

I have installed K3S kubernetes on rasbian, and created a following mysql deployment on it: apiVersion: v1 kind: PersistentVolumeClaim metadata: name: mysql-data spec: accessModes: - ...

kubernetes deployment networking  
asked by Dániel Kis 1 vote
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