How securely to keep google cloud service account key?

I want to ask about how we should securely keep service account key. The scenario looks like:

  • Our product is connecting to BigQuery.
  • We have project which is used only by developers as playground.
  • We need to run integration tests in pipelines and they needs service account to run correctly.
  • Developer also should be able to run integration tests locally.

Where should I put the service account key?

I can add it to our repository, but I'm not sure if this solution is ok. (even it is only key with read-only permission to developer version of BigQuery).

The second solution is create a few keys. And every developer should has own. Then every developer have to care about key himself (and we can easy remove key when developer i.e quit job)

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I would recommend you use their Google Cloud Secrets Engine. Documentation is here: https://www.vaultproject.io/docs/secrets/gcp/index.html

Managing such sensitive secrets by any means other than a Vault service is dangerous.


Add the service account key to you repository is not a good practice when thinking about security.

The second solution may happen and should be a good practice to implement some key rotation process to avoid some dev using a compromised key. Even though, there are some guidance which suggests to avoid the utilization of several keys (Also, I suppose there's a limit in the platform for Service Account key creation)

Take a look at Cloud KMS that may have some suggestion for you on how to manage your keys

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