minishift start

was issued and openshift started:

Login to server ...
Creating initial project "myproject" ...
Server Information ...
OpenShift server started.

The server is accessible via web console at:

You are logged in as:
    User:     developer
    Password: <any value>

To login as administrator:
    oc login -u system:admin

-- Exporting of OpenShift images is occuring in background process with pid 32067.

At a certain moment, the laptop ran out of free disk space. Once this issue was solved, an attempt was done to restart the minishift, but all commands return:

Error creating config for VM: Invalid JSON

Attempts to solve the issue

  1. It turned out that a minishift process was still running. Killing this process and subsequently run minishift status returned the same issue.
  2. sudo systemctl restart libvirtd did not solve the issue
  3. @tm1701 suggested minishift delete --clear-cache, but that does not solve the issue either

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One option to solve this issue is a suggestion as provided by @AndreasGajdosik, i.e. deleting the .minishift directory.

Once rm -rf ~/.minishift was issued and minishift status was run, the issue has been solved:

user@host$ minishift status
Does Not Exist

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