In agile, pair programming can be performed like the following:

  • two specialists of same discipline change the place before the terminal and each has a chance to code and to conceptualize/reflect;
  • two specialists of different disciplines work together, but one is rather a customer and cannot code much in the target language; also the coder might not know much about the requirements which then discussed directly and coded and tested and deployed.

How is this relevant/appliable in DevOps context? (facts)

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Agile fits very well with a DevOps culture and pair programming is no exception.

The following are some examples of "pair programming" principles applied in a DevOps context:

  • A pair of individuals working together on a Dockerfile for their service.
  • A pairing sits together to work on defining their infrastructure as code.
  • A traditional developer and an IT administrator building a CI/CD pipeline together.
  • A specialist and tester sit together to define what the testing environment should look like.
  • A specialist and a customer sitting together and working on a deployment to the customers infrastructure.

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