How can I pass parameters from Jenkins to my Ansible playbook? Eg. I want to take IP address from users and pass it to the playbook so that it will execute only on those machines.

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You can use -e switch for that purpose:

ansible-playbook -e 'foo=${FOO}'

where the FOO can be defined in the Jenkins envirionment variables. If it is defined within the parameters block of your Jenkinsfile, then you need to use ${params.foo}. Then, the value can be accessed by the Ansible playbook with {{ foo }}.


If you're using Jenkins Ansible plugin, Jenkins pipeline envvars (and build vars) are injected automatically into the playbooks, where they can be accessed like so:

- hosts: example
    - debug: msg="{{ lookup('env','MY_PIPELINE_ENVVAR') }}"

If you want to transit pipeline params to Ansible, you can define an environment block in your Jenkins pipeline where you convert the params to envvars simply:

pipeline {
  environment {

If you want all of your params automatically converted to envvars that are then automatically all injected via ansiblePlaybook to the playbooks, you can do something like this:

environment {
  script {
    params.each { key, value ->
      env."$key" = value

This way, if you have a params named, for example, VAR1, VAR2, and VAR3, they become envvars by the same names, and then subsequently can be accessed in the playbooks using the above-mentioned lookup.

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