I am very new to docker. I want to build a laravel development environment with docker. I already tried laradock but it seemed complicated for me. I was wondering whether it is possible to create a laravel development environment without laradock or docker-compose

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Yes. You could create each component of your development environment using containers and manually network them together. This approach would require you to manually start each container and specify the network and volumes they use at runtime.

However, you are adding un-needed complexity by avoiding docker-compose to network your containers together. By using a compose file you can start your environment with a single command: docker compose up. In the approach outlined above, you would need to manually re-create the containers every time you wished to recreate the environment.

Laradock's website has some simple getting started guides that can get you up and running without a full understanding of Docker. While the learning curve may be steep, it can be beneficial to avoid re-implementing a viable solution.

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