I am trying to get Spinnaker to have a pipeline use an automated trigger which is an image pushed to an ECR repo. I can add different repos fine but can't seem to see the images. I am following this guide and below is the example code I followed plus a second variation I tried.


hal config provider docker-registry account add my-ecr-registry \
--address $ADDRESS \
--username AWS \
--password-command "aws --region $REGION ecr get-authorization-token --output text --query 'authorizationData[].authorizationToken' | base64 -d | sed 's/^AWS://'"

hal deploy apply Variation I tried


Currently I can see the repo in registry name then I load the image section and nothing shows up. I have checked many times and I do have images in the repo - I've even deployed them to my kubernetes cluster and tested they work when building my helm charts.

What am I missing or can I try?

  • What Spinnaker version are you on? You can try looking at logs.
    – Kyslik
    Feb 16, 2020 at 20:27


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