Accidentally, I've come across a YT video with a recording of a 2013 video conference "Should Data Science become a profession?"1 where two guys discuss with Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro whether an "American Association of Data Scientists" would make sense.

While I felt a little bit confused regarding the Association idea, Gregory nevertheless established the SIGKDD, "Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining" which rooted in his original research to find patterns in database indices.

How could a non-opiniated formal assessment like for "pros" and "contras" to argument about a long-term foundations and roadmap towards a "SIGDEVOPS"?

1 According to job posting in 2019/2020, one can indeed get the impression "Data Scientist" has become a profession, even if not officially.

  • I whole-heartedly believe that DevOps is only a middle stage between what was before, and what will ultimately replace DevOps as the obvious solution. Perhaps a SIG is what is needed to streamline “what is DevOps” a little better. If DevOps was a company I would have invested money in it a few years ago, but definitelly sell it all in less than five years from now, as it is currently. – Birb Jan 6 at 21:44
  • Hi @Birb, what would you say has changed? – Peter Muryshkin Jan 7 at 6:38

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