I am trying to mount S3 bucket on my on-premises CentOS-6 server using s3fs as below:

[roots@myhost ~]# s3fs bucket-name /mnt/s3mnt -o  uid=1001,gid=1001,allow_other,umask=022,iam_role=iam-role,use_cache=/tmp 

This gives error :

s3fs: unable to access MOUNTPOINT /mnt/s3mnt: Transport endpoint is not connected
debug : 
    set_moutpoint_attribute(3293): PROC(uid=0, gid=0) - MountPoint(uid=0, gid=0, mode=40777)
s3fs_init(2597): init
s3fs_check_service(2896): check services.
RequestPerform(1524): ### CURLE_OPERATION_TIMEDOUT
    RequestPerform(1617): ### retrying...
    RemakeHandle(1288): Retry request. [type=-1][url=][path=]
    RequestPerform(1620): Failed to reset handle and internal data for retrying.
s3fs: Failed to check IAM role name(iam-role).

Please let me know if somebody did it successfully. Tried with endpoint parameter and URL parameter but it says:

fuse: unknown option `endpoint=ap-northeast-1'

Any suggestion is highly appreciated. Thank you.

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Have you got AWS credentials configured on that machine?

~ $ aws configure

And then verify with:

~ $ aws sts get-caller-identity

Hope that helps :)

  • yes, this point already checked. looks like there is some issue with the older version of fuse, without iamrole parameter it is working fine. Jan 9, 2020 at 0:29

Following worked for me - /usr/bin/s3fs my-bucket /my-mount/ -o uid=500,gid=501,iam_role=MyRole,use_cache=/tmp,endpoint=ap-south-1,url=https://s3.amazonaws.com

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