I have been using docker-compose before but now I am looking for an orchestration tool to handle deployment and management of docker containers.

I have only a single Linux server and scaling is not really necessary, so every container needs to be running there.

1) Is Kubernetes suitable to operate on a single machine instead of a cluster?

2) Which Kubernetes distribution is the best for a such scenario? K3s, micro8ks - are these ready for production and what would be the best choice?

3) Can I actually run a master node and worker node (kubelet) on the same machine?

Any thoughts appreciated, thank you.


@Adam Wolski welcome to the SE site!

  1. If the server has enough resources, it's possible. But for example if you need to reboot the machine, or there will be a hardware problem or a crash or hacker attack, all your services and data will go offline/be at risk as the single machine would be a single point of failure. Also, if you serve globally, best service quality will be only in your region.
  2. It depends what do you mean by production in your context (for example, production might involve SLA and you might want to have a distro where you can book support, or how much isolation do you need)
  3. Yes. Not necessarily production scenario, but to try there is a quick shot for Ubuntu.
  • 1. Makes sense. 2. By production I mean that it is production-ready, which for me means that it was tested and used by the community enough so it is mature enough to use rather than for POC/learning purposes. Which kubernetes distro would you recommend for such single server scenario? 3. Thanks for the link – Adam Wolski Jan 9 at 16:57
  • 1
    as this is not a software recommendation site, I can't recommend a product. Also we can't take the responsibility off your shoulders. There are as said commercial and free distributions. Also, K8s is a lot more complexer than what you have used so far that is for troubleshooting you need good command of networking engineering. For a recommendation, try softwarerecs.stackexchange.com? – Peter Jan 9 at 17:05

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