In the YAML file defining our ADO build pipeline we have the following section

- bash: |
    pip install pylint
    find preprocessing/ subtyping/ visualisations/ -name '*.py' | grep -v hmm | grep -v /test_ | sort | xargs pylint
  displayName: 'Run linter'

At some point in the last week this stopped working. It still works on an ubuntu-latest hosted agent, but on Windows (either windows-latest or vs2017-win2016) it now fails with the message

FIND: Parameter format not correct

We have not changed anything, but our build process now fails.

  • What has changed to cause this failure?
  • Why does it only fail on Windows?
  • How might I diagnose the problem?
  • Is there anything wrong with our call to bash's 'find' command?

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Find is a command in Windows that does very different thing to find in a posix shell.

And that would be the error you would get if you ran the Windows find (usually Windows find is located at C:\Windows\System32\find.exe


Your PATH may have somehow changed and you're now hitting the Windows find instead of the *nix-compatible one.

Try specifying the full path, i.e. /usr/bin/find (that's what I see on my windows bash shell when I check with which find) instead of just find in your build process command.

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