Basically, I want the pipeline to apply some manifests before deploying images from ACR. No images need to be made. It would just be things like applying the issuer.yaml, ingress.yaml, and maybe a few other things that need to be run before the client and api images are pulled from ACR.

Was looking at the documentation here:


But just not really seeing what I need.

Suggestions for how to do this?

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Once again, come across the answer right after asking the question.

Needed to look at the Kubectl task and not the Kubernetes manifest task. Particularly the Commands section:

- task: Kubernetes@1
  displayName: kubectl apply using arguments
    connectionType: Azure Resource Manager
    azureSubscriptionEndpoint: $(azureSubscriptionEndpoint)
    azureResourceGroup: $(azureResourceGroup)
    kubernetesCluster: $(kubernetesCluster)
    command: apply
    arguments: -f mhc-aks.yaml

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