Consider the following situation (for test purposes):

  • there is a public IPSec VPN endpoint (StrongSwan);
  • a machine with either Ubuntu (Strong Swan client) or Windows OS (native client) running in the cloud should be the VPN guest.


  • Windows Server 2019 machine establishes VPN connection successfully but can't send any packet
  • Ubuntu 18 machine establishes connection to some degree but does not create PPP0 interface.
  • Ubuntu 16 machine makes a handshake but then there is a message about protocol mismatch (maybe in this specific case there is an incompatibility between both endpoints).

Are there any AWS limitations to IPSec VPN?

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For me it looks to be tunnel misconfigured - "there is a message about protocol mismatch"

Regarding the limitations quick google took me here: [strongSwan] strongswan limits

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