There is a website which is distributed via Azure CDN. The CDN endpoint was used as a destination of CNAME entry for www.< EXAMPLE >.com with usage of Google DNS. The www address to the website works fine with one exception, twitter cannot resolve the address https://www.<EXAMPLE>.io, thereby it cannot read meta tags to generate so called twitter card. On the twitter validator page when you try validate above address it will return following message:

ERROR: Fetching the page failed because the fetcher cannot resolve the address.

However, when you enter CDN endpoint address (https://EXAMPLE.azureedge.net) in the same validator then everything is fine and Twitter is able to read the website content. Also facebook sharing debugger doesn't complain.

Below you can see obscure dig output for www.EXAMPLE.io domain.

www.EXAMPLE.io.     60                      IN CNAME    EXAMPLE.azureedge.net.
EXAMPLE.azureedge.net. 1799                 IN CNAME    EXAMPLE.afd.azureedge.net.
EXAMPLE.afd.azureedge.net. 299              IN CNAME    afd.t-XXXX.t-msedge.net.
afd.t-XXXX.t-msedge.net. 200                IN CNAME    t-XXXX.t-msedge.net.
t-XXXX.t-msedge.net.    43                  IN CNAME    XXXXXXXXXXXXX.ctrl.t-XXXX.t-msedge.net.
XXXXXXXXXXXXX.ctrl.t-XXXX.t-msedge.net. 223 IN CNAME    standard.t-XXXX.t-msedge.net.
standard.t-XXXX.t-msedge.net. 236           IN A

What can cause the problem and how can I fix it?

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