Ansible is used to deploy docker-compose on a system and subsequently start the container.

When ansible runs from the local system, the docker-compose file is deployed using Ansible.

When the code is pushed to bitbucket the file content is:


and the CI deploys this on the system as well.






In order to prevent that the docker-compose.yml need to be changed on two places, a symlink has been created, but that seems to be ignored by bitbucket as the link instead of the content reside in this file.

This Q&A indicates that:

The data referenced by the symlink is not stored in the repository.

and creating a symlink to avoid code duplication in docker-compose.yml seems to cause the problem.

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Instead of using a symlink that will be stored as is in BitBucket one could use:

- name: Copy docker-compose.yml
    src: ../../../../docker-compose.yml
    dest: /path/to/docker-compose.yml

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