I have 3 components of my architecture running in 3 separate Azure App Services. Each app service has 4 outbound IPs. So whenever I have to deploy my app onto the client's premise, I have to whitelist 12-16 IPs on their on-premise Firewall.

Is there any way I can deploy a NAT which uses only 1 public IP and I can provide just 1 IP to the client?

If I manage to make this architecture work then how would I modify my API calls to these services, since at the moment I'm using their 1 public IP to access their individual service, with just 1 IP how will I distinguish API calls made to different app service.

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Azure Application Gateway allows you to provide one public IP for those App Services.

You have to make the following steps:

  1. Provision Application Gateway
  2. Add listeners with host name for eachof the App Services
  3. Add backends for each of the App Service
  4. Create HTTP Settings with Override with new host name and Pick host name from backend target options
  5. Add rules to connect listeners corresponding to backends

At the end customer has to white-list one public IP assigned to Application Gateway and create DNS entries to point all App Services addresses to one public IP.


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