I'd like to setup a route that will pass both 80 and 443 traffic to the same service in OpenShift. When I try to create a second route it errors out. I want this to be in a yaml like would be used with oc create -f route.yaml so I can submit it to our IaC code repo.

  • Could you add the logging?
    – 030
    Mar 14, 2020 at 10:11

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You'll want to be sure your spec.tls section has the following two items to tell the router you want both secure and insecure traffic allowed in the edge.

apiVersion: route.openshift.io/v1
kind: Route
  name: my-app-ui
  namespace: my-namespace
  host: my-host
    targetPort: http
    insecureEdgeTerminationPolicy: Allow
    termination: edge
    kind: Service
    name: my-app-ui
    weight: 100
  wildcardPolicy: None

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