Wanted to ask a question regarding auto-scaling of the redis replication_group I created using terraform. The situation is that I am provisioning a new redis cluster using terraform. But as the application keep writing to this cluster, I want to trigger scale-up of the cluster. I couldn't see such option of terraform to define an "auto-scale" mode.

Does somebody familiar with this and accomplished doing it using terraform?


  • let me check If I understand you. You wrote a Terraform recipe and apply it in a new resource? Or an existent? – Weyder Ferreira Mar 25 at 18:14
  • I want to apply a new resource, which once provisioned will have auto-scale capabilities. Much like an ASG for ec2, which may be configured to auto-scale based on cloudwatch metrics. Is that at all possible? – Nati Koli Mar 26 at 8:25

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