I've got a problem with network connections inside istio. After setting up ServiceEntry that looks exactly like this:

apiVersion: networking.istio.io/v1alpha3
kind: ServiceEntry
  name: proxy
  - my-company-proxy.com # ignored
  - $PROXY_IP/32
  - number: $PROXY_PORT
    name: tcp
    protocol: TCP
  location: MESH_EXTERNAL

Internet connections work like charm right now but also my internal traffic is forced to use the proxy. In the end I can curl google.com but can't do the same thing to any kubernetes service.

All my pods use http_proxy and https_proxy. To get things work i also added no_proxy variable with internal addresses (like *.svc.cluster.local etc). In normal pods this solution works great but it looks like istio ignores these values and without additional configuration (like above) the internal traffic gets stuck.

Is there some way to create ServiceEntry that would configure istio to respect some addresses just the same way as the no_proxy forces normal pods to pass the connections without proxy?

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