I frequently use chef database cookbook and it is being deprecated doesn't receive any updates. They even disabled issues on the github so it is not possible to check if any issues I encounter have been discussed and possible solutions were proposed. The deprecation notice says that functionality of this cookbook is supposed to be moved to individual database cookbooks but this still isn't implemented, at least for MySQL. Is there any alternatives to this cookbook or I'm just stuck with creating another fork alongside hundreds of others?

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    A better place to discuss it would chef's slack, specially the brigade channel with is an effort to Take over maintenance of old cookbooks (link is in the community tab of learn.chef.io
    – Tensibai
    May 8, 2017 at 17:54
  • I can't comment so... Man i really wish there was an answer. At least one I could read since anything that happened in Slack is lost for the rest of the world defeating the entire purpose of this site :(
    – NecLimDul
    Jun 29, 2017 at 13:34
  • @Tensibai I have to disagree, I'm with NecLimDul on this one - slack is ephemeral, those discussions will dissapear after a short while. Jun 29, 2017 at 15:01
  • @DanCornilescu Slack is all but ephemeral, all messages are archived and publicly searchable... And as any answer to this can change quickly asking again on a chat system is far better than an outdated fixed post no one will maintain.
    – Tensibai
    Jun 29, 2017 at 15:07
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    @NecLimDul FYI there's no rule to prevent asking a question already asked on Slack, nothing is lost on slack neither, that's the whole purpose of the move from IRC to slack: chefcommunity.slackarchive.io/general/page-100
    – Tensibai
    Jun 29, 2017 at 15:08

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If what you are looking for is a chef cookbook to manage MySQL, I would recommend checking this It is an officially maintained cookbook. Keep in mind that:

This cookbook is concerned with the "MySQL Community Server", particularly those shipped with F/OSS Unix and Linux distributions. It does not address forks or value-added repackaged MySQL distributions like MariaDB or Percona.

I hope this could help.

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    This 'mysql' cookbook doesn't provide functionality of 'database' cookbook.
    – AlexD
    Sep 8, 2017 at 23:50

MariaDB cookbook added support for mariadb_database and mariadb_user resources in the version 1.5.4 released on May 25 2018.

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