Forwarding a port 3006 database connection from a bastion server to a RDS database?

Trying to find the answer online I came across the term Proxy jump but can't find anything on proxy jump for 3006 to send a 3006 mysql conection to the bastion on port 3006 to an RDS?

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It is possible on the Linux(Unix) bastion host.

Step-1: First ssh to the bastion host. eg. is the bastion host.

# ssh [email protected]

Step-2: Create port tunneling by using the below command. eg. The RDS IP is

# ssh -L  3006: localhost

Verify using netstat command.

netstat -ntulp | grep 3006

Note: If netstat command not available. Using sudo apt install -y net-tools or sudo yum install -y net-tools

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