We have a BIND9 setup to forward only for a particular zone as seen below:

options {

  directory "/var/cache/bind";

  recursion yes;
  allow-transfer {"none";};
  allow-query { any; };
  allow-recursion { any; };

  listen-on-v6 { none; };

  channel default_log{
  syslog local;
  severity info;
  print-severity yes;
  print-time yes;
  print-category yes;

 category default{

zone "internal.cloudapp.net"
    type forward;
    forward only;
    forwarders {;;; };

The problem that looks like is Bind9 does not query another forwarder if one of them in the list does not have an answer and stops / throws no such host error.

We would like to force BIND to keep on querying all of them in the list recursively until an answer is found.

How can that be done?

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