Consider the following setup.

Precondition: have a healthy image i.e. service starts up.


docker run -d IMAGE

Then, with the Python plugin docker-py, consider the following code which should be equivalent, only with added port mapping.

ingreedy = client.containers.create("openfoodbroker/ingreedy.service", 
                                     ports={'5000': 5000})

This code prints out the container ID and I can remove the container using docker rm -f, but:

  • port 5000 is not open;
  • the container does not show up on docker ps

Any ideas?


docker.containers.create() is documented to:

Create a container without starting it. Similar to docker create.

Either call docker.containers.run() instead, or given the container object returned from create(), call ingreedy.start().

(docker ps by default only shows running containers; docker ps -a should show the container in a "created" state.)


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