I want my kubernetes cluster (on google cloud) to automatically rollout new images with a specific tag, let's say dev, every time the developers publish a new container with this tag. I have already read this git issue referring to something similar, but I think it doesn't quite apply.

Let's say I have a kubernetes cluster and a couple of teams building and pushing docker images on various repos. I want my dev kubernetes cluster to automatically detect a new image has been pushed to the registry with dev tag, and therefore re-deploy inside the cluster. I have seen some solutions, like this one, but I don't want the developers's service cloudbuild.yaml manifest to have any kubectl set image or kubectl rollout restart to my cluster. IMO this is not a very elegant solution. I don't want the coupling of every team having a kubectl command to every cluster is using their service. Am I wrong? I am having imagePullPolicy: Always as described here in my manifest but is not doing the trick.

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