In Jenkins parameter, I'm writing Groovy script and in that script I need to pass Jenkins logged in username NOT user. User and username, could be different

Ex - User, that is displayed left to 'log out', could be - Bob Gill and username, used to login - could be - bob

User can be retrieved using User.current(). Please tell me how to get username.

NOTE I don't need username in pipeline code. I need it in Groovy script of parameter.


From the Java API documentation for hudson.model.User:

String getDisplayName() Returns the user name.

String getFullName() Gets the human readable name of this user.

String getId()

It's not clear to me from your question what data you want (I think it's the user ID?), so I'm not sure which of these methods will get you that data (getId()?). But in any case, you would call the method like:

  • Yes jayhendren, getId() is what I needed. Thanks a lot for help and most importantly pointing to documentation link.
    – Alpha
    Jun 12 '20 at 8:20

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