We are team of 7, we have a repository, we keep pushing our changes to it. No Branching at all.

And there is pipeline setup.

Dev - Test - Stage - Prod

Whenever we push something from LOCAL it goes to Dev, it automatically gives a build in Dev, we then manually go to azure portal and then take it forward to TEST after build is successful in DEV.

Since it's agile we follow 10 day sprint. Code changes done in whole sprint goes to STAGE from TEST after all our stories look good in TEST.

And after 3 days of verification, If all looks good in STAGE, we then push it to PROD.

Now, we are already in the next sprint, it's been 4 days and our team has pushed new code changes to DEV.

What if something breaks now in PROD, we gotta Hotfix it, sometimes.

Problem is, there are lot of code changes already pushed in DEV, how do I now do a HotFix and ensure only that push is migrated to TEST - STAGE - PROD.

We currently don't have any branching system in local. There is only one Repo and we all keep pulling-pushing to it.

Can someone please help us do this better ? TIA


what CI/CD pipeline tool do you use?

Are you doing any application code or infrastructure as a code?

Have you thought of using git branch flow? Take a look at that: https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Branching-Basic-Branching-and-Merging

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    your answer is pretty much a link only answer (with 2 questions in front of it that do not belong in this answer). Please explain the link you added, and how it answers the question. – Pierre.Vriens Jun 11 at 15:54

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