I'm using gitlab-ci. I have a pipeline that has the following steps :

  1. code-verification

  2. some tests

  3. deploy (manual)

  4. some more tests

  5. rollback (manual)

Both the deploy and the rollback job have to be launch manually which means that I'm using when: manual in my gitlab-ci.yml file.

However, I also want the rollback to be possible even if a step/job has fail before (for example, a faulty deploy or a failing in the "some more tests" stage).

I was thinking of using when: always but since I'm already using the when: manual, it doesn't work (I tried).

For now, I just put the "some more tests" and the "rollback" in the same stage so that the failure of one doesn't impact the other. But is there another way to do this?

I really wish to have everything in the same pipeline (so no trigger) and to always have the possibility to launch the rollback job. No matter what happened before.

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