I'm using gitlab CI/CD and I have a pipeline which does the following things :

  1. code verification

  2. build

  3. some test

  4. deploy in a test environment (manual)

  5. Some more tests

If we don't do the deploy, the stage 5 is useless and not "launched". (It's using the needs: ["deploy in a test environment"]). So far, so good.

The issue is: when my first three stages are complete, the pipeline is still showed as "running" even though it isn't. Here is an illustration:

picture of the pipeline with the "running" status

I either need to manually launch the stage 4 (which would in turn launch stage 5) for it to be marked as "finished" or to manually cancel stage 5.

Please note that if I only have the 4 first stage, the pipeline will be marked as "finished" even if stage 4 was never actually launched.

So, is there a way for the pipeline to be automatically marked as "finished" at the end of stage 3 if stage 4 isn't manually launched?

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