I just started my career as a BA. As the first task, I have to study about operational support systems like ansible tower. I could not find any references to study about this. What are the similar operational support systems to ansible tower? Are there any references to study about them.


The Wikipedia definition of Operational Support System (OSS) makes it sound like a term of art from telecommunication companies. I haven't seen this come up in systems administration over many years of working in this area. The top vendors in the OSS space are Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei. I never see those guys trying to help me manage cloud deployments, so I don't feel there's much overlap with what Ansible Tower does.

Ansible Tower provides a GUI for working with the anisble configuration management tool. While this provides similar functionality to what it seems an Operational Support System to be, I doubt Ansible Tower is being used as an OSS by anyone. It wasn't mentioned in any of the product comparisons I googled for OSS vendors.

Tools similar to Ansible Tower would be in categories like deployment tools or infrastructure visualization. A few examples of these:

There's also overlap with CI/CD tools.

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