I am not sure if there is documentation about it or should it be self-explanatory but having deployed Prometheus and Grafana via the Google Kubernetes Engine marketplace in Google Cloud Platform, I am a bit dumbfounded as to how one should go about configuring Prometheus, like adding additional jobs/targets to scrape.

Just coincidentally I looked over the Kubernetes resources that were created by the installation and found a Config Map named "prometheus-1-prometheus-config" which seems to contain the correct files (with some seemingly interesting default configuration) that I would like to edit. Should this be edited? If so, how?

I tried to edit it by clicking the "Edit" button but it showed the files in a very bad formatting and full of escape sequences like \" and \n. Wouldn't want to touch that. The same with trying to edit it with kubectl edit configmap ....

What's the correct way to edit configuration of Prometheus (and optionally how to signal Prometheus to reload the changed configuration)?

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