I have a statefulset application, because it is important to communicate with the same pod after initiation of the communication. Every pod communicates with other potential client. When some client terminates his work with the app he asks to delete that pod. When new client arrives the set is being scaled up. The app seems to work fine in the statefulset, except from the deletion part: For example:

client 1 asked for the service and began his work. Then client 2 asked for service too. Now I have two pods with the names app_1 and app_2. Then client 1 finished it's work and asked for deletion. Now, in the current implementation, after deleting app_1, the openshift recreates new pod with the same name app_1, which is unusful. If I scale it down to 1, the pod which is deleted is app_2, while it's still being used and important. How can I make that work right?

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