I am looking to build a single tenant application that will have an api endpoint of api.customername.mydomain.com then I would like there to also be app.customername.mydomain.com that is for the UI (Vue.js).

Normally when I am working with a multi-tenant application I can just host the UI on S3 and point a DNS record to it, simple. However I am wanting to have a single S3 bucket that I can point DNS to allow me to have the url structure above.

My ideal setup woudld be something like ...

user => app.customername.mydomain.com => route53 => cloudfront => my-single-bucket

Where I am not sure is how to handle the multiple domain names as well as to make sure that only approved domain names - ie my customers only - can query the cloudfront/s3 bucket and get resources.

Idea is I don't want to have a bucket for each customer and have to pay for increased costs once I scale this idea.

My api will be hosted on a EKS/Kubernetes cluster that is using a nginx ingress controller with multiple ingress resources to direct traffic to the proper namespace/customer. So that part is solved just need to figure out the UI.

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