We are using 2.46.3 and we do use LDAP as the user store. The jenkins master is running behind a tomcat server. Occasionally we face 504 Gateway timeout errors when trying to log in to Jenkins.

  1. The Anonymous user is disabled, therefore once we click the URL we must have an active session or we need to login.
  2. The Jenkins login page loads without any error.
  3. When the credentials are entered it takes a while and gives 504 Nginx Timeout error.
  4. Catalina.out does not show anything related to the error. Even when we are trying to login it does not show any relevant output.
  5. LDAP logs (/var/log/syslogs) does not show any relevant output.

What should do? What can be the possible explanations?

  • does this correlate with high cpu usage? – Bruce Becker Jul 31 at 6:54
  • @BruceBecker I gathered CPU consumption data as well. I will edit the Original question with those data. – kalanatd Aug 1 at 8:32

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