I'm new to Docker, sorry if my question sounds dumb. below is a dockerfile from a textbook:

FROM diamol/base AS build-stage                  
RUN echo 'Building...' > /build.txt              #line 2

FROM diamol/base AS test-stage
COPY --from=build-stage /build.txt /build.txt
RUN echo 'Testing...' >> /build.txt              #line 6

FROM diamol/base
COPY --from=test-stage /build.txt /build.txt
CMD cat /build.txt

and the author says:

The RUN instruction executes a command inside a container during the build, and any output from that command is saved in the image layer.

My question is:

Since the author mentioned RUN instruction executes a command inside a container during the build, does it mean that in the first RUN command in line 2, a contianer is created based on the diamol/base image, and this container modify the content of the files then commit the change back to diamol/base image, then is container is terminated? and same thing happen in line 6,container created to run and then terminate, image gets updated, is my understanding correct?


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Yes your understanding is correct. The RUN <commands> command in the Dockerfile is somewhat equivalent to

container = $(docker run base-image) #1
docker exec base-image commands #2 
docker commit $container #3

Since images are static, we'll need a running instance/process to execute our command. this is why a container is created from the base image. #1

After the execution of the command in #2, the changes are committed back #3, which means a new layer is created on top of the previous layers. This layer will contain the changes introduced by the container in (#2).

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    To be clear - diamol:base image is not modified. New, intermediate image is created by the command. Commented Aug 26, 2020 at 14:40

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