I have a kubernetes Config file such as:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Config
preferences: {}
- context:
    cluster: test-sim-development
    namespace: test-sim
    user: developer
  name: test-sim

When I issue a command such as:

kubectl config --kubeconfig infra_k8/config.yaml set-context test-sim && kubectl config use-context test-sim

I get back the following error output:

Context "test-sim" modified.
error: no context exists with the name: "test-sim"

Why is it not finding the "test-sim" name? It is clearly referenced according to the kubernetes docs.

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it seems you’re trying to change the config by setting a context and you’re not providing the config to the change context command. So do this

kubectl config --kubeconfig=infra_k8/config.yaml use-context test-sim

The setters are used when you want to add more entries to the config file, so you don’t need that command when changing context.

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