I was trying to tag a git branch using Gitlab CI. With the help of this answer from this community,

How to tag source code using gitlabCI

I can successfully tag a git branch from Gitlab CI pipeline. But In that method, I noticed that we need to provide the gitlab credentials in that pipeline code. I know, we can pass that as Gitlab environment variables.

But I just need to know, is there any other method to do this operation? With a Key or Token or something rather than direct username and password?

Not sure whether my question legit? I was thinking about the security side of it.

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I believe that what you need is just a Personal Access Token, or if you're a maintainer, possibly a Deploy Token. It's much safer than embedding user credentials.

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    Personal Access token worked for me, thanks. As Deploy tokens don't provide write_repository scope, that didn't worked. I'm explaining the steps here: medium.com/@neronjoseph.sep/… Oct 3, 2020 at 4:38

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