I am running my application (4 services) in AWS Fargate. Containers are stored in AWS ECR. Last month I ended up with a huge bill for transferred data because of constant download container from ECR into Fargate tasks (more than 1 TB last month due to issues inside my containers, so they were not able to start properly). So I have decided to tweak networking somehow, but I am stuck.

According to the topology picture below, I have split connections into 3 groups (subnet-to-subnet, subnet-to-AWS, subnet-to-net).

In my initial network topology, I have used NAT Gateway between subnet with Fargate containers and the rest of the world (also ECR), which lead to massive costs (NAT GW runtime + transfer), but covered connection (2) and (3). So I have removed NAT GW.

I have tried to implement VPC Endpoint between Fargate and ECR (2) -> and I think this works fine.

However I do not know how to solve (3), maybe here is NAT necessary?

Also, I can observer some issues with a connection from subnet-to-subnet (1), also endpoint has no usage there, so this should be solved using basic AWS Routing?

Summ: How to improve networking for all three categories, avoid downloading images from ECR through NAT GW and keep the connection to the remote server?

Thank you very much

enter image description here

  • How about using ElastiCache/Redis? – Danny Schoemann Oct 12 '20 at 7:29
  • Hi Danny, you mean between Fargate and Remote Server? – Filip Niko Oct 13 '20 at 8:42

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