I am using Dynamic inventory to get the latest Ec2 IP addresses.

I have parameter files under host_vars folder. Each parameter file will have placements for ENI's attached to a particular EC2 machine.

for Ex: EC2 machine name is as1nsp13 and 3 ENi's attached to this machine with ip addresses of,, so parameter file look like below:

  - {Name: "eth0", IP: "", Prefix: 23}
  - {Name: "eth1", IP: "", Prefix: 23}
  - {Name: "eth2", IP: "", Prefix: 20}

My Question is how do i get these 3 ENI IP's and update the parameter file with latest ENI ip's? Is that possible using dynamic inventory concept? or do i need to se AWS CLI and some shell script to update the parameter file?

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