We are trying to move from GitHub to GitLab.

Our app is a monolith built on the MEAN stack.

Currently, we have > 50 Heroku apps tied to the "deploy" branch of our Github repo.

When we push to the deploy branch, Heroku triggers a build and once the build succeeds, Heroku deploys it to all of >50 Heroku instances.

I am looking for recommendations on how to achieve this same (or similar) behavior once we move our repo from GitHub to GitLab.

Heroku doesn't have a first-class integration with GitLab as it does with GitHub.

I have researched GitLab Ci/CD pipelines and their examples and scoured the Interwebs for similar implementations and haven't found anything matching our requirements.

TIA for your recommendations.

  • Would it be possible to migrate (import) my repo to GitLab but use the GitHub repo as a remote? – joshblair Nov 11 '20 at 21:15

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