I have a fairly simple Dockerfile, which works locally. However, when I build it on Docker Hub I get the following error:

Starting build of index.docker.io/adius/tasklite:next...
Step 1/16 : from haskell:8.8.4 as builder
---> 3ae1aa658125
Step 2/16 : workdir tasklite
---> Running in 73fa9ffd738e
Removing intermediate container 73fa9ffd738e
---> cdacdf2fede2
Step 3/16 : copy docker-stack.yaml stack.yaml
COPY failed: 
stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder266377042/docker-stack.yaml: 
no such file or directory

The build configuration seems to be fine as well:

Screenshot build configuration

How can I fix this?

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