I'm trying to move the Docker storage location to another drive. This is my configuration file:

  "registry-mirrors": [],
  "insecure-registries": [],
  "debug": false,
  "experimental": false,
  "data-root": "E:\\test"

I also tried to use "graph" instead of data-root (probably that was they to do it in the older versions) without any luck. I also gave read/write permissions to Everyone just in case. After restarting the daemon, I see the Docker directories and files are created in that folder, however when I try to pull the image, I'm getting following error:

Executing task: docker build --pull --rm -f "Docker\BuildTools\Dockerfile" -t msbuildssdt "Docker\BuildTools" < Sending build context to Docker daemon 5.632kB Error response from daemon: chtimes \?\E:\test\tmp\docker-builder614293845\coverage: The parameter is incorrect. The terminal process "C:\WINDOWS\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -Command docker build --pull --rm -f "Docker\BuildTools\Dockerfile" -t msbuildssdt "Docker\BuildTools"" terminated with exit code: 1.

It's working well if I change the data-root value to any folder located on the C: drive.

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The issue was that the E: drive was formatted with exFAT partition. After I formatted it to NTFS it started to work.

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