We are planning to use the Git-flow branching strategy with CI/CD. It's a conscious decision not to use Trunk based development.

Here's what the pipeline looks like:

enter image description here

Here's what the process looks like:

  1. developer works on a feature branch
  2. creates a pull request to develop branch. Code gets reviewed by a developer and merged into develop branch
  3. develop pipeline gets triggered on a pull request and runs tests, creates build, deploys to dev and test env
  4. create a pull request manually/automatically from the develop branch to master branch
  5. if approved, triggers master branch code pipeline
  6. The master branch pipeline runs tests, creates build, deploys to dev, test env
  7. manual approval pending 9.deployed on prod

Can this be optimized to be more "continuous"? Not a fan of creating and approving pull requests twice. But absolutely need 2 branches. (develop and master). Open to feedback on how this should be improved.

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