I'm trying to run an AWS CLI command for a resource with a ! in its name. I'm doing this from CentOS Docker instance running on my local device a MAC and if I run

echo "$SHELL" 

it says it is using bash

Using echo 'test!' works for returning the value but testing in my CLI command it does not work

aws autoscaling put-scheduled-update-group-action --auto-scaling-group-name temp_asg --scheduled-action-name 'test!' --start-time 2020-12-06T12:00:00Z --min-size 0 --max-size 1 --desired-capacity 0 --region eu-west-1 --output json

returns bash: !`: event not found

my AWS CLI version in the docker instance I'm running it from is aws-cli/1.16.251

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I found that if I put it in a script it sees it as a string and it's only an issue running directly from the terminal/command prompt but not an issue when running from a script with the header/shabang #!/bin/bash My final goal for this is for it to be part of a script so this has resolved my issue.

Im still not 100% on the issue when directly in the terminal and don't know if it's specific to the shell I'm using?

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