My Current Scenario is:

  1. I have over 20+ AWS ec2 instances running, with each instance running a single website.
  2. I have to use SSH for every task I have to perform related to server.
  3. I have to keep track of SSL certificates & renew them every time from the SSH.

There are many more things I have to manage for all the instances.

What I thought/want is:

  1. A Web Panel on which I can connect all my AWS instances and I will show up in a table or something.
  2. I can install/edit/do server stuff for all the instances from the panel itself.
  3. I can install and renew Lets-Encrypt/etc SSL certificates from the panel itself.
  4. I can do all the stuff a reseller panel or a cPanel can do.

I cannot afford any paid panels

I would be great if you can suggest some tutorials or panel names

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