Question: I tried to answer this on my own, but couldn't find a definitive answer. Before investing more time in getting Rancher / my setup running, I would need directives.

Suppose I want to use Rancher to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster: does this create a hen-egg problem? To my understanding, I need to have Rancher running on Kubernetes to create a Kubernetes cluster.

But as I want to use Rancher to create a Kubernetes cluster, this seems rather repetitive. Can I create a minimal Kubernetes cluster for the sole purpose of running Rancher ? Do I need Rancher after I created the Hetzner based on the Kubernetes cluster? Or can I dump it afterwards?

Background: For personal projects that I want to make available on the internet, I decided to use Kubernetes. Hence, I looked at several providers, and decided not to use ready-made managed services like such as Digitalocean or Scaleway. Instead, I opted for the provider I prefer: Hetzner. I googled for approaches on how to install K8S on plain VMs and found this the most promising: https://vitobotta.com/2020/10/30/kubernetes-hetzner-cloud-rancher-custom-nodes/

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