When I type git reset --help I don't get output in the bash terminal, but a new tab opens in my code editor to reveal some dense HTML. How can I change Git's behavior to display the help message in the bash terminal? I'm not sure how to fix this.


.gitconfig file:

    editor = 'C:\\Program Files\\Sublime Text 3\\sublime_text.exe' -w
    name = name
    email = 'email
    name = 'name
$ type -a git
git is /mingw64/bin/git
git is /mingw64/bin/git
git is /cmd/git

Update 2:

It looks like help.format is set to html, but after my user.name and other info, help.format is set to web (I did this). I tried setting the browser using multiple browser names, but git fails to launch the help command in the browser and still opens in my code editor.

$ git config -l

$ git reset --help
git config option web.browser set to unknown browser: edge
Resetting to default...
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This is not the default behavior of git so you have made some local config change to cause this to happen. Look in your ~/.gitconfig to see if there's anything that doesn't make sense to you. Try commenting it out. The core.pager setting is one of the first things I would check. This stackoverflow question has a variety of options for dealing with this sort of thing.

update 1

I haven't tried to get this sort of thing to work, but according to the docs you can also specify a man.viewer to define the program that is going to run. Do you get any errors if you try git help -w reset?

One work around would be to get the help to show up in the terminal by using git help -m reset. By using the help subcommand instead of subcommand --help you can specify whether you want it to try man, info, or web.

  • Also check what git is: type -a git Dec 31, 2020 at 4:17

Please check this out to reset your git config setting


second thing, if you want output of help then you can use the "git reset -h" command which shows you minimal option of usage in your bash terminal whereas "git reset --help" command will be direct you to html format which is more descriptive explanation of command.

I hope this will help you.

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