I have a Sonatype Nexus deployed under repository.company.com (it's behind an nginx proxy).

I created a docker registry and docker proxy and added them to one docker group "company-docker-group". The proxy is set to mirror https://registry-1.docker.io and also has the foreign layer caching option checked.

I have a http connector set for port 8092 but at this moment I do not have access to change the nginx configuration so that I can access that port directly. I noticed that there is an URL in the docker group defined as https://repository.company.com/repository/company-docker-group/

Am I able to access the group via this url? I am able to docker login into this url but then when I try docker pull repository.company.com/repository/company-docker-group/maven:3.6.2-jdk-8 then I get this error:

Error response from daemon: manifest for repository.company.com/repository/company-docker-group/maven:3.6.2-jdk-8 not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown

Can I only access the image via repository.company.com:8092/maven:3.6.2-jdk-8 or is there a way to use the docker group URL?

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