I am looking at the documentation to install Istio using helm:


I want to use a custom profile that I have a yaml for. However, on that page I do not see options for installing using a different istio profile. I see for 1.8 the istio profiles are kept under manifests/profiles in the istio download directory, and the helm charts that you install are under manifests/charts (I assume these charts are written to use the default profile?). I tried doing:

helm install -n istio-system <istio service> -f manifests/profiles/myprofile.yaml

but this does not work for profiles; -f is apparently only for including a values override file, and the profile yaml has a different structure. I would hate to have to restructure everything as values; there is a lot of replication info, etc. that is stored in the profile data and not in the values. Does anyone have an idea how to do this?

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