So I am making a project on Azure Devops and since this is my first time using Devops, I have $200 to spend. I'm currently setting up the pipeline with the help of online tutorials. However, I can't understand how I'm actually going to use Azure resources. I need the project to be available for development for the next three months, but I only need to have it running constantly (it won't be receiving any input most of the time but I need it available in case it will be receiving inputs). I have created a Linux VM (the one with 750 free hours), but 750 hours isn't enough. What do I need to spend the money on before it runs out (it will run out in a week)? I will need a few hundred more hours on the VM but is there anything else which isn't apparent now? Are there any other resources which Azure needs to run (the free storage including File Storage, Blob Storage and the SQL Database is enough)? Is there a better place to ask these questions?

  • Your quesion is unclear. Azure and Azure Devops are two different services. – TidyDev 14 hours ago

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