Within Azure DevOps I am trying to create a Command Line Script which is pushing the actual DevOps Repo to GitLab.

git clone https://xxxx@dev.azure.com/xxxx/DBS/_git/xxx
git remote add --mirror=fetch secondary https://oauth2:%pat%@gitlab.com/username/gitlabrepo.git
git fetch origin
git push secondary --all

In the env parameter %pat% I am referencing the Personal Access Token from GitLab. When running the pipeline with the Comman Line Script I am getting the following error:

start to push repo to gitlab
Cloning into 'gitlabrepo'...
remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for 'https://gitlab.com/***/gitlabrepo.git/'
##[debug]Exit code: 128
##[debug]Leaving Invoke-VstsTool.
##[error]Cmd.exe exited with code '128'.

How could be this achieved?

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